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    Business Training: OPEN TO ALL
    Purple Carpet Club - January 29-April 28 - Zoom Session Every Sunday at 7:30pm CST
    Join us for some fun training and hear from some of the top dōTERRA leaders in our 14 session online business training! Get your tickets here because it's filling fast!

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    Lemongrass (15 mL)

    Looking for a new addition to your essential oil collection? Lemongrass is the perfect place to start. Combine with a carrier oil for a soothing massage after exercise. Flavor your food with it, add it to your face wash, or rub it on your skin to repel insects. Get Lemongrass FREE with any 125 PV Loyalty Rewards Order between March 1-15.

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    Mito2Max (15mL)

    Want to be a morning person? Take Mito2Max® for an extra boost when you're having a hard time getting going in the morning. Or, use it in the afternoon when the mid-day slump hits. Morning or afternoon, boost your stamina and mental energy with Mito2Max®. Now 10% off March 1 - 31.

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    FREE Deep Blue® Rub and Deep Blue® 5 mL

    Experience the synergistic power of Deep Blue's eight soothing essential oils this month. When you place a 200 PV single order between March 1 - 31, you'll receive a Deep Blue® Rub and 5 mL Deep Blue® blend for FREE.

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