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30 Life Skills all Children Should Be Taught

Let's raise a generation who knows how to do more than snapchat

· Essential Oils

Like skills. Why do so many children become adults without basic knowledge? So many schools no longer teach Home Ec, and many children are not learning the skills at home. Children learn these things by watching their parents ( or trusted adult) do them, and doing it along side them. While diagramming sentences, doing a huge algebra equation, or dissecting a frog MAY come in handy in life, I guarantee you like skills are more important! Here is the list I created for our family...when my children become adults, I want them to know how to do these things . Let's raise a generation of children who know how to do more than snapchat.

1. Make a phone call

2, Plan a meal on a budget

3, Create a weekly/ monthly meal plan

4. Create a monthly budget to live below means

5. Sew a button

6.Balance a checkbook

7. Mail a letter at package at the post office

8. Get gas in car/ get oil changed/ basic knowledge of car maintenance

9. How to use a crock pot

10. How to bake cakes/ cookies/ pies

11. How to do their own laundry

12. How to care for themselves naturally using supplements/ essential oils

13. How to file taxes

14. How to write a birthday card or thank you note

15, How to create a resume

16. How to clean- dust. bathrooms. floors, kitchen

17. How to open a bank account

18. How to treat a wound and some basic first aid

19, How to hang a picture/ use hammer and nail

20. How to wrap a gift

21. How to cook basic meals

22. How to use the library

23. How to register to vote how to vote

24. How to book a flight

25. How to pack a suitcase effectively

26. How to contact police/ ambulance/ fire

27. Some basic self defense.

28. How to plant a seed

29. How to change light bulbs/ furnace filters/ batteries

30. How to make a bed neatly

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