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5 Things I Always Buy at Aldi

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It's no secret I love cooking and meal planning. Our local Aldi store makes that job easy. Aldi is less expensive than other stores, as it has ZERO frills. You put a quarter in to get your cart . You bag your own groceries. It's very basic, and there are no decorative touches. No wine tastings, no coffee bar, no bakery , deli, or floral department. Because of the very basic layout, prices are low. The selection is limited, which I LOVE because it simplifies life. I always start my grocery shopping at Aldi, and sometimes that's enough. In fact, I have purchased everything for a beautiful Thanksgiving meal there. Other times, I have to make a quick stop at another grocery store , and pay ALOT more for a few items.

Here are 5 of my favorite things to purchase at Aldi....

1. Fresh fruits and veggies- The selection is great, prices low, and produce is fresh. There are even organic options. The ONLY way to get produce cheaper than Aldi is to grow it yourself.

2. Unsweetened almond milk ( regular and vanilla )- It is YUMMY. I'm an almond milk snob and NO other brand tastes good to me. It's part of my morning routine in my coffee and smoothies.

3. Chocolate chips- My daughter and I love to bake and chocolate chip cookies are one of our favorites! We seriously love Aldi chocolate chips better than any other brand, even Nestle.

4. Cranberry almond chicken salad- Trust me. STOP what you are doing and go get some. Get 2 , because you will want more. I am PICKY about store bought chicken salad- most have a weird miracle whip taste or too much celery. This one is PERFECT.

5. Chips and salsa- my sons love to snack on chips and salsa. And these are delicious. We buy them every week ! The salsa is great for recipes also.

There are SO many things we love from Aldi ( and a few things we don't the cheetos :) )

Seriously friends, do yourselves a favor, check out Aldi. You'll save time AND money. It's a little hidden gem of a grocery store.

xoxo Jen

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