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Balance is not reality

· Essential Oils

Balance. What is that? All of the " experts" encourage people to find balance.
In a perfect world, our time would he balanced . In my life, I found that to be a MYTH that makes people feel guilty if they don't think they are achieving it. We go thru seasons of push, and seasons of rest. There are times when you are heavily repairing a marriage. There will be crazy busy sports seasons with a child. Pushing hard to build a business. Moving to a new location. Remodeling a home. Balance does not happen during these times. Our houses won't be perfect. The laundry won't always be done. Family dinners won't happen every night. These are times that we need to offer ourselves grace. There are times when it is OK and healthy to lower expectations of yourself and your performance. Then after a season of push, take a season of rest. Relax. Recharge. Rejuvenate, Practice self care. Take some mental health days. There is NO shame and NO guilt if you feel unbalanced. You are normal. There is a season for everything. Balance is a myth my friends! If our lives were perfectly balanced, life would be boring. Live.Push. Rest. Be unbalanced,

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